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Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple Calculator

  Calculator Instructions:

Enter the 2 numbers you want to evaluate and press the appropriate button
  Search Engine Shortcut Examples:

GCF of 25 and 30
least common multiple of 50 AND 80
lcm 50,70
l.c.m. 80 and 95
gcf 50 + 75
g.c.f 50,100
GCF of 15 and 20 and 30
are 3 and 5 twin prime
are 20 and 29 coprime
lcd of 20 and 25
Number 1Number 2(Optional) Enter Number 3
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Determine the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of (448,987)

Determine the factors for 448 up to 448 since that is the minimum of the 2 numbers

Determine the factors for 987 up to 448 since that is the minimum of the 2 numbers

The common factors between them are 1,7
The greatest common factor between them is 7
Since the Greatest Common Factor of both numbers ≠ 1, the numbers are not relatively prime (co-prime)
Since the Greatest Common Factor of Both Numbers is both ≠ 1 and have a difference of two, the numbers are not twin prime

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